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Workshop of 4 to 6 people sitting at a table listening to a woman speaker

Security Vision and Trends Review

Developing an effective IT & Cyber Security strategy is challenging.  Staying abreast of the current risks, tools, and mitigation techniques is even more difficult. Security risks are constantly evolving and changing.  Costs related to a security breach have a much larger impact than most organizations realize.  


Data Perceptions’ Security Team lives in this IT security ecosystem.  Our industry experts will lead a collaborative discussion with your key security stakeholders to review your current vision for IT security and help you understand the impact of industry trends and directions.

Workshop of 5 - 6 members sitting around a table discussing their IT & Cyber Security Strategy
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This workshop-based review provides a forum to discuss development of a security vision and strategy with respect to current cyber security trends. It covers a broad spectrum of current cyber security industry trends and helps identify what is most relevant to your organization.


This is a relatively short engagement compared to a full security assessment. It is focused on high level discussions of the most important aspects of cyber security needed for improving your security posture. ​


This review provides a summary of relevant security trends and collaborative recommendations for potential roadmap items.


Data Perceptions is the first organization to be certified under the 

CyberSecure Canada (CSC) Standard

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