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What our Clients Say

Client Testimonials
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Tim Jackson, President & CEO

The team at Data Perceptions was invaluable as we moved many of our manual processes to a digital solution.


They spent time upfront mapping all of our workflows which allowed them to create a proposed digital framework. They then sourced potential solutions and held our hands though demos and vendor discussions and assisted with contract negotiations.


Throughout the entire project they kept our ultimate goal in mind while acting as a valuable partner navigating us through the various stages of the process. 

Partner Testimonials

What our Partners Say

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Chris Thalassinos, Partner

I've had a relationship with the team at Data Perceptions for 10+ years. CIG’s area of focus is network transformations, contact centers and Unified Communications  which have overlap of services with Data Perceptions, but that improves collaboration.


CIG has chosen not to provide Leadership & Guidance with Cyber Security, so every time there's a cyber security opportunity with one of my clients, I feel confident in bringing forward Data Perceptions.
There is a relationship of trust with Data Perceptions and I am transparent with my clients that I am partnering with Data Perceptions, to collaboratively deliver a great solution.  My clients have valued the partnership of CIG & Data Perceptions.
I work with lots of partners and what makes me feel good about working with Data Perceptions is I know they have the required skill sets, and they will get the job done. Data Perceptions is a valued & trusted preferred partner for CIG.
As a consultant, our brand is our reputation, and our brand is more important than anything! Without that, we don't have anything. I have no concerns working with Data Perceptions - they are industry leaders. I wish I could do more projects with Data Perceptions.

Collaboraton Clients

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Angela Copeland
Director of Digital Strategy and Chief Information Officer

When we engaged Data Perceptions, TPL had just recently initiated our new digital strategy and we were at the next stage where we needed to understand the detailed projects required to execute to meet our vision. One aspect of this was to do an in-depth tactical assessment of our infrastructure environment and develop out a physical report of the findings, recommendations, roadmap, budget, and high-level conceptual architecture. It was beneficial to have a consortium approach of companies (Data Perceptions, CIG (Communications Intelligence Group), and Integra Data Systems). Together they worked to understand the business and the environment and to provide recommendations and solutions that would work for us. Their customer-focused approach identified priorities and pain points, and where we could get the greatest value from our technology choices.


The project involved a lot of organizational change management, and a lot of education for the staff and the management team as we went through this journey. Their patience, flexibility, and ability to work with both the backend tech people at a detailed level, and with senior management at a high level was essential. As a result of the trust and respect that was built through the process, the management team and the staff-owned, implemented and sustained the strategy.  


The consortium approach with Integra Data Systems, Data Perceptions, and CIG helped TPL understand and prioritize our business objectives and help us achieve our business goals.

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