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Specializing in Technology and Operations

Our Leadership Team


Eric Sundin,


President Consulting Services



519 279 6088


Scott Murphy,

B.Math, CMC

VP Strategic Business Development


519 279 6090


Richard Yarde,


Security & Operations
Practice Lead


905 918 1126


Heather Sundin,


General Manager - Finance, Human Resources, Marketing

519 279 6091


Core Values


Be Entrepreneurial

Develop creative, innovative project solutions that provide incremental improvement to an organization that has lasting impact

Embrace the best available technology

Be Service Orientated

Be Service orientated with a drive to provide excellence in your activities provideing lasting impact

Work in collaboration with our customer's personnel to succeed as a team delivering outcomes through partnership

Serve our clients as trusted advisors

Exceed professional standards

Be Involved in the Community

Develop an active involvement in the communities that we live and serve

Foster and environment where volunteering and community involvement is encouraged and rewarded

Recognize that strong community and a straong business are linked

Be Honest

Develop strong relationships with co-workers, customers, and suppliers

Develop great team dynamics

Adapt to new teams quickly with personnel from customers, suppliers and co-employees

Speed up calendar progress within projects

Be Able to Admit Mistakes

Acknowledge your human characteristics and tendency to be less than perfect and admit mistakes and errors allowing for them to be fixed or corrected in a timely fashion reducing the impact of human error. 

People make mistakes, accept that in self and others, and learn from mistakes

Making mistakes and fixing them leads to new insights and expedites new ideas that work. 

Be Humble

Make a great team member

Quickly develop chemistry with new project teams

Develop strong team skills & relationships


Ready to Revitalize


Technology & Operations



Waterloo, ON   N2L 1S7


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