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Security Awareness Training & Testing

An Excellent Cost Effective Cyber Security Investment

Over 90% of security breaches start with phishing attacks. 

Phishing Email?

Cybercriminals use your employees as the weak link to gain access to your systems. Well developed security awareness training can reduce an organization’s vulnerability to cybercrime by 75% in the short term with further improvement within the first year. 

Ongoing testing of your staff’s susceptibility to phishing emails provides a valuable performance metric of your security awareness training.

Security awareness training/testing is available at a cost effective per user price, plus a one time setup cost. Security training has one of the best cost/benefit ratios in cyber security protection.

We can help you setup a security awareness training program to incent and train staff to be more cyber security aware using tools and practices that are proven to significantly reduce the risk of being the next cyber security victim.

In The News

There has been a rash of organizations compromised by phishing attacks with very large costs that are catching attention in the news.

Phishing Links Beware
  • Two Florida cities

    • Lake City &

    • Riviera Beach, collectively paid over $1 million dollars in ransom.

  • The City of Burlington paid over $500k in a single transaction to a “falsified bank account” after receiving an email requesting to change banking information.

​​In all three cases a staff member mistakenly clicked or acted on a malicious phishing email. These were simple phishing attacks.  Over 90% of security breaches start with phishing attacks.


The risk of this happening can be greatly reduced by requiring personnel to participate in regular security awareness training and testing. 

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a formal process of educating your employees about cybersecurity best practices relevant to your industry. It should help employees to identify fraudulent emails and harmful website. 

Training should decrease the number of times personnel click on malicious links or reveal confidential data.

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