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SD-WAN & Security


SD-WAN is fast becoming a go-to technology for IT departments and organizations looking to reduce the cost of connecting their various sites and cloud services.

Data Perceptions provides network strategy, design and implementation services.


SD-WAN solutions reduce total cost (TCO) and require security integration with other security products to be effective.  SD-WAN simplifies enhancements to network application performance, network redundancy and availability.

SD-WAN benefits could include:


  • Improved application performance across the WAN (traffic between sites; and destined for private data centers, public cloud data centers, and Software as a Service (SaaS));

  • SD-WAN devices and configurations are centrally managed via cloud management tools which simplifies network and security management;

  • SD-WAN simplifies multiple network path management and availability;

  • SD-WAN and NGFW integration provides centralized network traffic management and visibility to improve security and operations;

  • SD-WAN and NGFW integration provides application visibility and awareness across the network and to the Internet, enhancing security management and forensic capability;

  • SD-WAN enables network segmentation to span across all sites of the organization for improved control of traffic between segments and security;

  • Enhanced network traffic management significantly reduces security risks and improves your IT security's defense capabilities;

  • Network service standardization that provides greater business agility and responsiveness;

SD-WAN Design Trends


  1. SD-WAN is replacing legacy private links such as MPLS, T1, and Private Ethernet connections.

  2. Every site has multiple physical connections on the SD-WAN edge, improving bandwidth and reliability. 

  3. SD-WAN devices manage and optimize application traffic between sites to enhance performance. 

  4. Integrate SD-WAN with a cloud management component with a hosted gateway to centralize traffic management. 

  5. SD-WAN integrated with the next-generation firewall (NGFW) cloud vendors with hosted cloud firewall management and gateways.

  6. Using SD-WAN to connect SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications with users to improve security and performance.

  7. Remote access users can be connected using SD-WAN or SSL VPN so they have the same experience as local users.

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