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Security Vision & Trends Review

Outcomes:  Relevant Trends and Potential Roadmap Items

Developing an effective IT & Cyber Security strategy is challenging.  Staying abreast of the current risks, tools, and mitigation techniques is even more difficult. Security risks are constantly evolving and changing.  Costs related to a security breach have a much larger impact than most organizations realize.  


Data Perceptions’ Security Team lives in this IT security ecosystem.  Our industry experts will lead a collaborative discussion with your key security stakeholders to review your current vision for IT security and help you understand the impact of industry trends and directions.

Vision and Trends Workshop

1. Top Security Challenges 

  • Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (CIA) 

  • Social Engineering 

  • Regulatory Compliance 

  • Employees Understanding Role in Security 

  • Incident Response 

  • Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) 

  • Shadow IT - Governance  

  • Policies, Procedures, & Practices 

2. Trends 

  • Top Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Challenges 

  • Recent Breaches & Related Costs 

  • Prevention 

  • Detection 

  • Treatment - Response 

  • Cloud Services 

  • Infrastructure 

  • Key Business Applications 

  • Supplier Ecosystem 

  • Secure Development Lifecycle (Applications Development) 

3. Discussion of Perceived Highest Risk Areas 

Trends, Vision, and Recommendations Report

  • Relevant Trends Summary – relevancy to current vision and potential roadmap items

  • Highest Risks Discussion Outcomes

  • Other Recommendations

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