Digital Transformation Methodology

Digital Transformation Methodology

Making effective changes using technology to improve operations is key to the success of a business.  Executing these changes well can move an organization to the top of their sector with improved outcomes and productivity.  Picking solution providers or vendors that are a good fit for their business needs is key to this process.  

Data Perceptions has been working with clients for over two decades helping them identify, create, and optimize solutions to address their business requirements and challenges. Based on that experience, we have developed a proven digital transformation methodology (including templates) that improves outcomes. The methodology helps organizations efficiently discover good options and select the best fit to improve operations.


Data Perceptions’ methodology enables:

  1. Collaboration with business teams to identify requirements;

  2. Collaboration with vendors to find the right fit;

  3. Effective and efficient decision making; and

  4. Successful implementation and integration.




  • Effective collection of requirements, workflows and opportunities for improvement from customers, users and front-line workers.

  • Identifying related strategies and constraints from management and IT 

  • Clearly articulated and documented requirements, challenges, workflows, data, and constraints allows for sharing of needs with vendors and other impacted stakeholders for feedback

  • Understand the most important challenges to resolve

Digital Strategy Development


  • Based on requirements, objectives, workflows, and challenges – prioritize the challenges

  • Develop an integrated plan to resolve the challenges

  • Consider the security implications of impacted data, infrastructure and personnel

  • Align the changes with other projects and business changes

  • Ensure the solution is designed and architected considering IT operations and constraints (e.g. SASE)

Collaborative Vendor Interaction


  • Working interactively and collaboratively with solution providers is more time and effort efficient

  • Reduces errors and miscommunication through solution demonstrations based on needs, not generic requirements

  • Requirements and proposals can be revised based learnings and better understanding

  • Takes advantage of vendor insights into industry best practices

Objective Selection Process


  • Enables a collaborative buying process, not a selling process

  • Process is transparent – more time and effort efficient 

  • Identifies solutions and suppliers that are better aligned in longer term

Implementation Management


  • Reduces surprises during implementation

  • Solution is structured to specific needs with clear understanding of process and milestones

  • Making the right changes, on time and on budget

Working collaboratively, together we can transform your operations, improve quality for customers and improve cost efficiencies. 



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