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Cadillac Fairview

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We came to the Data Perceptions team in late 2019 with the desire to begin transitioning most of our resources to the cloud. After much discussion, we planned to migrate to MS Teams in April 2020.

Scott and his team took the time to walk us through the scope of the project, the team involved, the time expectations, and of course, the costs.  Proposing a plan for the migration that worked around our business, the project was able to be fully implemented remotely, completed in the allotted time and best yet, under budget.  


Since 2004 we have developed a great deal of trust in Data Perceptions. They are the first people we call when addressing IT strategy for our business. They are excellent at framing solutions in the context of our businesses’ goals, taking an active role in helping us contextualize our current situation, drilling down to the essentials, and building a solution that fits us. They are not looking to sell for the sake of selling and when they do not have an answer, they will do their research. They get the right people involved, they keep communication open with you, the team, and your service providers, and keep everyone up to date and on track. They stay involved, assuring quality, and they get the work done on time. 


We are absolutely satisfied. Their work allows us to maintain our focus on doing what we do best and reduces frustration, worry, and costs around poorly planned IT infrastructure and strategy. If you are looking for a company to help you with your IT needs, look no further than Data Perceptions! you won’t regret it! 

Efraim Tsarfati

Business Manager

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We have used Data Perceptions in the past. We know they are the place to go to if we need additional expertise. They are great at this!

We were looking for some solutions to some problems that we had with a  particular technology as we were learning it and felt it would be better to have experts take a look at what we were going to do and make sure that we’re going down the right path. Data Perceptions has access to a stable full of true experts in subject matters. They bring the right people to the call to understand and discover what the problem really is and make sure we are all on the same page.

We had four staff members involved, and to hire out for that kind of training would cost as much or more in money and time because this was very targeted. Our guys had done a lot of research on this stuff, and they were working with it already, so they knew its problems and needed additional help. Data Perceptions is my deep well of expertise.

Our guys are a lot smarter after Data Perceptions left, and they can carry on. They were quite impressed and pleased with the outcome.

At the end of the project, there was an issue around expectations, but this was solved quickly without impacting the project.
We were very satisfied. You got in quickly, and we got down the road quickly. I was pleased. When in-depth expertise is needed - we just start with Data Perceptions! 

William Tyler,

Vice President

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After Data Perceptions helped us with a couple of projects, we were eager to get on board and work with them again. Our system was due for a Windows 10 upgrade, so we used this opportunity to switch to a completely new system.

Data Perceptions went through various options with us, from purchasing our own servers, hosting at a data centre, or going to the cloud, and helped us make an informed decision.  We chose the Azure cloud as we wanted a system that would work with minimal unexpected downtime or failures, providing us with the best business continuity and disaster recovery solution.  Working productively and without interruption, that's real value!

The advantage of working with Data Perceptions, along with their professionalism, reliability, and responsiveness, is that they are always ready to provide the right solutions that will work best for us and take us further down the road. They regularly check how things are going and suggest improvements or new technologies that can be implemented down the road, which is very important to us.           

Marijana Dabic,
VP Business Development 

Data Perceptions is an excellent company.  From consultation through to implementation, they have a broad depth of expertise and are able to scale any infrastructure requirement according to the specific needs of a business.


We have used Data Perceptions project consultant Scott Murphy through multiple office moves and have never had an issue with downtime.  We are currently working with Data Perceptions for IT support in addition to our current provider as well as the development of our future systems.

I would happily recommend Data Perceptions and their services for any IT project, big, small, or even conceptual!!

Jad McGregor,


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Throughout the time that exactEarth has been in existence, Data Perceptions has been there to consult with and assist us with all our more complex IT needs. The infrastructure they have designed and installed has stood the test of time and remained robust and resilient throughout its planned lifecycle and beyond. 

Scott, Eric and the rest of the Data Perceptions team have consulted for us on numerous projects such as network design and implementation, hardware procurement, remote connectivity solutions and too many others to mention. Each project has resulted in a solution well-tailored to our needs and we have always been satisfied with the results. 


I would highly recommend Data Perceptions' to anyone seeking an efficient, highly knowledgeable and friendly technical consulting firm.

Len Fowler
Manager, Corporate IT Infrastructure


We have worked with Data Perceptions for over 6 years and there is a level of trust that has been built.  We've had a number of bad experiences, where IT sales people promise us the moon and then failed to deliver. But working with Data Perceptions, there is a trust factor where I know that the service provided to us is reliable, helpful, and easy to understand. 

We were looking for an increased awareness of security for everybody in our organization. We looked to Data Perceptions to provide answers to our questions, talk about risk and security and what it means in this day and age for every person in the organization. They suggested an ongoing system of training that would be customized for our needs and the requirements of our staff on an ongoing basis.  

Data Perceptions helped us design and implement a program of training using KnowBe4 tools. We are very happy with the KnowBe4 modules, which cover a lot of ground through a big library which can be customized to our needs.   

It's the calm of knowing that we have trusted IT advisors that we can to go to.  The biggest benefit to our organization was having confidence that our security is being addressed – our Board really appreciates that!” 

Katya Masnyk, 


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The Data Perceptions team provided a solution to our technology & business risks within the constraints of our budget. They ensured the company has the protection and tools needed to function on a day-to-day basis, while ensuring the safety of our data.  I'm happy that we have the services and the protection that we need.  Upgrades were done quickly, seamlessly, without disruption.   They were scheduled to minimize our interruption, and coordinated with all of the stakeholders to be done efficiently.  Data Perceptions took charge of the project and got it done smoothly.  


Data Perceptions takes ownership of their work time and again. We haven't had any issues and they were very accommodating.  Our relationship has been professional, respectful, collaborative, and cooperative. They are willing to understand our business and to educate us about the technology that impacts our business.  This is the world they live in.  


If someone asks: “Who do you recommend that are good people to work with?” I would say, "We have a great relationship with Data Perceptions, I trust them, give them a call." 

Barry McPhedan

VP Business Development

& Marketing

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The team at Data Perceptions was invaluable as we moved many of our manual processes to a digital solution.


They spent time upfront mapping all of our workflows which allowed them to create a proposed digital framework. They then sourced potential solutions and held our hands though demos and vendor discussions and assisted with contract negotiations.


Throughout the entire project they kept our ultimate goal in mind while acting as a valuable partner navigating us through the various stages of the process. 

Tim Jackson

President & CEO


SSIMWAVE was moving to a new, larger office and we wanted to put together a better technology infrastructure to support our planned rapid growth.  Data Perceptions handled everything from the get-go and were happy to explain everything in layman’s terms. They worked on super tight timelines, recommended and delivered realistic solutions that were a good fit for our needs.

They worked well with different members of our staff, often working with our technical people to identify solutions and technologies we hadn’t considered but would need for the future to support our growth.  The office move was seamless - everything went off without a hitch. I had full trust in Data Perceptions. The day that everyone started in our new office the Internet, our infrastructure, the network all worked perfectly fine. They took the burden off me so I could focus on other aspects of the move.

I was the non-technical person coordinating the move, they turned a stressful situation into not stressful it all – and what else could you ask for?

Natasha Robertson
Office Manager


We were referred to Data Perceptions as a professional services firm that would be a good fit to develop our network architecture using leading edge technology in which we had recently invested.

Data Perceptions was very flexible and willing to accommodate us. They provided a realistic approach to our situation, not trying to make it a one size fits all. There was a lot of good discussion and collaboration with our team which resonated extremely well with my folks culturally.  Their knowledge, depth and breadth of experience was very helpful for us. I was very pleased with the realization of the vision for our network.

I would highly recommend Data Perceptions to anyone looking for a third-party integrator with respect to network architecture. 

Steve Banyai
Assistant Director, ITS

Cadillac Fairview

Data Perceptions is an experienced collective of subject matter experts that can provide a perspective on different ways to address a variety of operational or IT based infrastructure strategies. The primary value proposition they provide is an agnostic viewpoint that is not product driven or committed to a product strategy – that is the real value. 


We were looking for an outside consultant firm with a lot of networking experience that would give us a chance to explore available options without the sales pressure.  The outcome of our engagement was a document that would help us achieve a network design that would have the required security controls, provide a go forward strategy for the business, and would be understandable by any hardware vendor.


We feel we achieved that goal with Data Perceptions.

Brad Arsenault
Director IT Operations &
Client Services

Partner Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Partner Collaboration Clients

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Data Perceptions has a very accomplished and well-informed IT security consulting team that has a long tenure in the industry. They have established themselves to be a trustworthy and loyal partner and I highly recommend their services.


Their team is organized, detail-oriented, and timely with all deliverables, which are essential for projects regarding IT security. I highly recommend working with their team.

Robert Potts,
Business Development

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Logo - Risolv.png

“I’ve been working closely with Data Perceptions for over 10 years both personally and in the context of my company (Risolv).  We have many shared clients for whom we deliver services and support neither of us could achieve on our own.  I value the team at DP for their professionalism, their abilities, and their friendship and look forward to many more years of partnership!”

Gordon Skinner

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I have known Eric Sundin for many years through the Society of Communication Technology Consultants.  Recently, my clients have had an increased need for Network Security Analysis & Planning.  It is because of this need that I looked for and found a partner with Eric and the Data Perceptions team.

In working with the Data Perceptions team, I have found them to have a strategic understanding of technology, the cloud, and network security.  It is this 360 degree, holistic view of all technology components that provides for a Strategic mindset when it comes to planning for the RIGHT Network Security Strategy for the client. 


In any event, Eric and the team worked with my client to understand their technology environment, understand their goals, and researched their compliance requirements, in order to design the right solution for the client’s Network Security needs.  With this information, they guided us to the right vendors and VARS and they enabled us to get quotes that fit the client’s needs, thus avoiding underbuying or overbuying.  With a thorough evaluation of the vendors and their proposals, Data Perceptions helped the client to make good decisions which led to an excellent long-term solution to fit their Network Security needs.


Additionally, after we updated the client documentation, Data Perceptions created excellent current and proposed network designs and a step by step plan to deploy the key network security elements which made for a smooth migration and implementation.

In short, Data Perceptions provided us with the right expertise and delivered an excellent performance with professionalism and knowledge that gave our client the confidence to face their network security challenges.


I would highly recommend Data Perceptions to anyone looking for a strong technology and network security partner.

Tim Proctor,


I've had a relationship with the team at Data Perceptions for 10+ years. CIG’s area of focus is network transformations, contact centers and Unified Communications  which have overlap of services with Data Perceptions, but that improves collaboration. 

CIG has chosen not to provide Leadership & Guidance with Cyber Security, so every time there's a cyber security opportunity with one of my clients, I feel confident in bringing forward Data Perceptions.
There is a relationship of trust with Data Perceptions and I am transparent with my clients that I am partnering with Data Perceptions, to collaboratively deliver a great solution.  My clients have valued the partnership of CIG & Data Perceptions.
I work with lots of partners and what makes me feel good about working with Data Perceptions is I know they have the required skill sets, and they will get the job done. Data Perceptions is a valued & trusted preferred partner for CIG.
As a consultant, our brand is our reputation, and our brand is more important than anything! Without that, we don't have anything. I have no concerns working with Data Perceptions - they are industry leaders. I wish I could do more projects with Data Perceptions.

Chris Thalassinos,


ALM Technology Solutions Ltd
ALM Technology Logo .png

It was a gut feel when I first met Scott from Data Perceptions, and we discussed the high-level infrastructure review focused on security, that I realized it would be a good fit for my client. Scott knew his stuff and I liked the way that he thought.


I was satisfied with the proposed solution with minor changes. They also proposed a couple of excellent projects that we had not thought of.


I will definitely recommend Data Perceptions to my other clients when needed.

Adam Mark,

Principal Consultant

Collaboraton Clients
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Toronto Public Library_edited.jpg

When we engaged Data Perceptions, TPL had just recently initiated our new digital strategy and we were at the next stage where we needed to understand the detailed projects required to execute to meet our vision. One aspect of this was to do an in-depth tactical assessment of our infrastructure environment and develop out a physical report of the findings, recommendations, roadmap, budget, and high-level conceptual architecture. It was beneficial to have a consortium approach of companies (Data Perceptions, CIG (Communications Intelligence Group), and Integra Data Systems). Together they worked to understand the business and the environment and to provide recommendations and solutions that would work for us. Their customer-focused approach identified priorities and pain points, and where we could get the greatest value from our technology choices.


The project involved a lot of organizational change management, and a lot of education for the staff and the management team as we went through this journey. Their patience, flexibility, and ability to work with both the backend tech people at a detailed level, and with senior management at a high level was essential. As a result of the trust and respect that was built through the process, the management team and the staff-owned, implemented and sustained the strategy.  


The consortium approach with Integra Data Systems, Data Perceptions, and CIG helped TPL understand and prioritize our business objectives and help us achieve our business goals.

Angela Copeland
Director of Digital Strategy and Chief Information Officer

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