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I have at my home office a Microsoft Surface Pro (16 gigabytes of ram) Microsoft surface dock connecting my 52 in. monitor, keyboard with fingerprint ID, USB dongles and devices and a mouse. On my desk is a Jabra Speak 410/510 desktop speaker / mic. I log in with single sign on multifactor authentication using username / password on my surface with a confirmation either on my Google Pixel 4XL or YubiKey 5 series.  


Each morning after logging in I check email, update bank transactions through QuickBooks, make online and check entries in Harvest for Invoicing. Monday mornings I then join a Sales MS Team Video Meeting. One of the collaborators leads the call with HubSpot  to go through our funnel. Collaboration is easy. Questions about projects can easily be answered and documents updated right in teams.  

Once the finances are in order I move on any customer follow-up phone calls through MS teams on my headset.  I have no need for a desk phone. To save time and error these calls are recorded, and transcribed for feedback to give to the teams for improvement on customer service. 

I know everything will work together with the right level of performance, reliability, mobility and security.  I could be at the office, a coffee shop or my parents house. The center of operations is integrated all in one place. 

Behind the scenes, how it works

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